Sunday, October 23, 2011

IPad Is Not A Laptop, But It Is Almost As Productive

I would like to trumpet how laptops are capable of so much more to write seriously, Photoshop, video editing, build websites, or really any task Virtual labor. But the hard truth is that while the iPads are not quite right, they are damn close. All these advantages, as I mentioned above fall on a touch screen in one form or another, if not already there. With a few accessories and law programs can not be seriously iPad productive.

Type requires a large investment, but with a $ 70 Bluetooth keyboard Apple iPad can write to the officers. In fact, I used the keyboard to type on my iPod Touch before my laptop, and I can attest to its quality. Apple charges a premium for it, but the physical keyboard is a blessing for people like me who spend much time writing. IPhone Applications writer is not exactly Microsoft Word, but if you want to get some words in the way that works perfectly.

In terms of visual projects, such as Photoshop and editing video, which are under way or already here. Adobe applications that help companion iPad Photoshop on your computer. But it is not the real thing. That's why we posted a video of a career in a completely redesigned iPad PhotoShop. No news yet whether it will be released, but here in the hope.

Then, of course, Apple was covered with a film editing outgoing iPad iMovie App 2 seems to have been designed for Apple's usual elegance, in order to change the unit could actually be possible without a computer. It seems, the iPad, is not the only thing the PC gap.

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