Sunday, October 23, 2011

Believe It Or Not, The Tablets May Be (a Little 'strange) Phone

Today with the advent of modern App Store, it is really an application for everything. And believe it or not, containing features that were once the sole providence of mobile phones. With a little ingenuity and some uses clever app, you could theoretically replace the phone entirely with a tablet.

Think about it. What is the phone to make tablet does not? Several obvious differences in size, compressed lacks the ability to make phone-y things, like calling and sms. Those things provide the mobile operator. But, a little 'work and some of the monetary cost to you, you can do these things too many tablets.

Calls can be treated with the obvious choice, Skype. This service is damn impressive, to put his application on any device you can think of, including the iPad. The basic features (Skype to Skype calls) are free, but with some significant drawbacks. You both need to be online and there is no voice mail.

However, if you're willing to shell out some cash prices incredibly cheap, Skype allows you to make calls online, and even record your voice mail. Please leave Skype running in the background, and it works just like a real phone.

Here I give a word of caution. Skype does not encourage you to use as a replacement for a phone because you can not call emergency services (police, fire), without a real phone. You may be better to use Skype for everything, but still holds about a prepaid phone with a minimum amount of minutes, just in case.

As for texting, it's a little easier. There are hundreds of free applications that will award a specific phone number to send SMS. Be prepared to deal with certain types of advertising, if you use a free sms application, but hey, it's always free. And of course, all calls and SMS to 3G requires a subscription be still connected. So finally, you always pay a wireless carrier, but it will still be much cheaper.

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